Friday, June 12, 2009

Radical Jewelry Makeover IV is Right Around the Corner!

Counting down to the Penland School of Crafts edition of Radical Jewelry Makeover!

We are really looking forward to the fourth edition of Radical Jewelry Makeover, meeting and working with all of our students and spending time at Penland.

This blog entry is especially for the generous folks that donated jewelry to the Penland edition of the project - Thank you! We have made a change to the dates and times that the Makeover work will be exhibited and available for purchase. The NEW date and time is: Thursday July, 2 from 10 AM to 6 PM in the Penland Metals Studio. Hopefully if you donated jewelry you will be able to make it to this exhibition / sale. We are working on an online RJM store and more information will be available soon at this blog OR at Our goal is to make Makeover jewelry available for purchase online both by donors with coupons as well as for non-donors interested in supporting the project.

Thank you for all of the support we have been receiving for this project. There is a NEW article by Beverly Sanders about Radical Jewelry Makeover on the American Craft Council blog! Check it out: Enjoy.

Feel free to contact us at: with any questions that you might have.

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