Friday, April 22, 2011

ONLY 9 Days Left to raise $8,150 more for RJM - NM!!

Meeting the halfway point on a major fundraising effort that has already garnered the support of 85 donors is well worth a celebration. Thank you to everyone of you that have given so far. We really couldn't be doing this important work without your support.

Radical Jewelry Makeover - Santa Fe, NM is going to be a fantastic and eye opening, awareness building event for all of us. The project planning is coming along and once the spring semester is over, we look forward to bringing the entire Radical Jewelry Makeover - Santa Fe, NM team together for a "next steps" conference call.

In the meantime we have $8,150 to raise before midnight on May 1st, just 9 days away!

Click here to access the link to a video about the project and to donate (remember that your donations are tax deductible.

The list of 85 supporters below deserve a special thanks for their financial gifts. We are grateful for YOUR generosity and we're confident that because RJM is a celebrated project and because it already has your vote of confidence we can reach our final goal of $16,500! We promise to spend it wisely so that we can get the biggest, longest term benefit from your investment.

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend.

Neal Anderson, Christine Clark, Sonya Clark, G Harker, Nick Tucci, HYART Gallery, Ann Lovell, Sarah Holden, ProVisions Productions, M Missner, Sandra C Close, Sylvia Richardson, Dennis and Naomi Bahcall, Agnes Ganch, Jennifer Bueno, Amy Tavern, Tracy Featherstone, Ardis Bartle, Erika Miller, Lois Boardman, Allison A. Dahle, Gail M Brown, Tom Spleth, Anna Hepler, Sarah Filzen, Amy Bacon, Tim McCreight, Liz Clark, Caitie Sellers, Tom Joyce, Ava Chan, Peggy Jo Donahue, Quirk, Kelly, Santi Matthews, Kathleen W Kennedy, Candace Beardslee, Harry Sellers, Meg, Whitney Couch, Helen Carnac, Patty Nelson, Arthur Hash, Kim Thomson, Susan Iverson, Jason Hackett, Gina Pankowski, Sarah Loertscher, Kristine Krissy Sack, Mary Cox, Carrie Frye, LTP, Aria Remer, Martha D. Kennedy, Julie Sanford, Rob Jackson, Anne C Dahle, Dan Ganch, Namita Wiggers, Stephanie Voegele, Heather Schlupp, Will P., Kiff Slemmons, Soyeon Kim, Sayumi, Erin Williams, Lisa Norton, Jen Townsend, LeBrun Frye, M'lou Brubaker, Mary Beth Owen-Zdanski, Brigid, Gary Schott, Brittany H, zumbrumdm, SP, Tim Bowring, Hoss Haley and seven anonymous donors.

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