Monday, January 24, 2011

Radical Jewellery Makeover in Melbourne, Australia!

Suse Scholem, Honours student in Jewellery at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia is putting together an independently organized Radial Jewellery Makeover with Ethical Metalsmiths support.

The two-day event (Jan. 29th and 30th) is taking place at the Loophole Community Art Centre in Thornbury and is open to anyone interested in trying their hand at making new jewellery from old while learning about some of the material sourcing issues associated with jewelry. Jewellery donations can be made up until the start of the event. Find out more about the event here!

Suse attended the "Jewellery Practice as a Site for Enquiry" in Melbourne (Aug. 2010) where Radical Jewelry Makeover directors, Susie Ganch and Christina Miller presented about the project and the work of Ethical Metalsmiths. Suse has decided to take on organizing the first of what will be several Melbourne area Makeovers. We are supporting these Mebourne projects because Suse is maintaining the core values of the project and is contributing some great new ideas. We look forward to working with her and together growing the potential of the project to be organized by individuals or groups in other locations. The Melbourne projects will include the sharing of information about metal and gemstone mining as well as jewellery making skills and design strategies for using old jewellery.

Radical Jewelry / Jewellery Makeover is cultivating an international community of jewellers and jewellery supporters willing to look at the dark side of jewellery, challenge it and use it to communicate a new set of values. We hope that everyone wearing RJM jewellery is willing to tell the story of the piece, spreading the ideas and values the work represents.

Along those lines, in a video of appreciation for Ethical Metalsmiths' work, Gabriel Craig highlights what he has done since hearing a lecture by Ethical Metalsmiths co-founders Christina Miller and Susan Kinglsey.

Let us know if you are doing something interesting to grow the global grassroots community of Ethical Metalsmiths'.


Roger said...

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Roger i agree with you.
Antique jewelry, a term applied to jewelry over a hundred years old, is now a favorite with the prospective brides, too.

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