Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Jewelry Makeover and You!

Dear Friends, Former RJM Participants, and EM Supporters,

We are pleased to announce that Radical Jewelry Makeover, our international collaborative community jewelry mining and recycling project, has been selected to participate in a new online community of America’s finest artists called USA Projects.

USA Projects showcases many creative projects of active, contemporary artists in one online community. The site is a unique form of social networking encouraging artists from a variety of disciplines to engage each other and the public and it also provides an easy to use fundraising platform for artists to personally share projects they need additional funding to complete.

The invitation from United States Artists has come at a great time for Radical Jewelry Makeover! As many of you already know our next and sixth edition of the project will take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico this October. The hosts, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Institute of American Indian Arts and Santa Fe Community College – School of Art and Design are generously covering our travel expenses and a small stipend, but this isn’t enough to cover the true project expenses.

We are using our first USA Projects fundraising opportunity to raise $16,500 for Radical Jewelry Makeover VI: Santa Fe, NM and we need your help to make it happen! The thing about USA Projects and similar “crowd sourcing” platforms like Kickstarter is that if we don’t reach our goal of $16,500 you get your money back and the project doesn’t get funded! Oh, and ALL donations are tax-deductible.

The best way to learn what we plan to do with your generous support is to watch our four-minute video and read the official project proposal HERE!

We are ready and willing to thank you for your donation with several perks (like fabulous RJM jewelry from past projects), Check it out!

If you read this blog entry and can give, please do so sooner rather than later. We only have 69 days left to raise $16,500 starting TODAY! That's $239.13 per day until this opportunity runs out!

If you can’t support the project financially, please help spread the word and tell your friends about it. You can follow-us on the site, write to us, sign-up to follow our progress and see the work of other talented and dedicated artists.

Thank you for your support and interest,
Susie Ganch and Christina Miller, Directors, Radical Jewelry Makeover

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