Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Radical Jewelry Makeover Supporters,

This was the first time in the history of Radical Jewelry Makeover that we reached out for individual support and we are grateful for all of the kind words and generous donations that you have shared and given.

This past weekend we faced a challenging question. Would we realistically be able to raise $16,500 by midnight on May 1st? We are incredibly appreciative for the outpouring of support that we have received from you and we do not want to let you down. Therefore, we have chosen to reduce our fundraising goal on the USA Project Site to $10,500. We’ll still need to rally support during the next 5 days, but by setting a new target we will be more likely to reach our goal and your support will go where you intended it to go.

On our end, we will make up the $6,000 difference by finding creative solutions so that we can cut some items from our budget and by doing additional fundraising. We will seek foundation grants and continue asking for individual support through the Ethical Metalsmiths online donation page, which is always open. Also, the NM edition will generate funds through the sale of Makeover jewelry, which will be used to make up the difference.

It is because of your support that Radical Jewelry Makeover VI – Santa Fe, NM is in a great position to be a truly memorable project. During these last 5 days of fundraising through the USA Artists Project Site it is great to know that we have your support. Thank you. We look forward to celebrating with you on May 2nd after we have reached our goal!! We still have $2,020 to go. Please make a donation today.

In appreciation of your support,

Christina and Susie